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Filter Pleating Machine

Flawless Precision

Provides impeccable pleats, ensuring consistent and precise results every time.

Time and Labor Efficiency

Automates the pleating process, reducing manual labor and increasing productivity, thus saving valuable time and resources.

Versatile Pleating Options

Offers a wide range of pleating styles and designs. Users can experiment with various blade configurations to create unique and customized pleat patterns.

Cost-effective Solution

By reducing manual labor and enhancing efficiency, the machine provides a cost-effective solution for businesses, maximizing output while minimizing operational expenses.

Automatic Pleating Machine Types

knife pleating machine

rotary pleating machine

Our Factory

Why Choose Filter

With more than two decade industry experience, we are a leader in the filter pleating equipment sector, surpassing many domestic manufacturers. The machines have attained CE certification, ensuring compliance with international standards and exported internationally to Europe, North America, and Southeast Asia.

Our Value

Powering Filter industries worldwide with innovative pleating machine

Technical Expertise

Leveraging over twenty years of experience to lead in filter pleating machinery innovation.

Quality Assurance

Products meet high standards with CE certification, ensuring reliability and performance.

Innovative Spirit

Continuously improves and develops new products to enhance user experience and efficiency.

Our Partner

Drive Efficiency in Your Manufacturing Processes

Let our advanced pleating machines revolutionize the way you work.

 With over twenty years of excellence, we offer machinery that enhances every aspect of your production. Discover our comprehensive range of models and start optimizing your operations today.