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Hangzhou Filter Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd (HZFT)

With more than three decade industry experience, we are a leader in the filter pleating equipment sector, surpassing many domestic manufacturers. 

HZFT pleating machine production lines have attained CE certification, ensuring compliance with international standards and exported Europe, North America, Southeast Asia, and other countries and areas, and got a nice reputation.

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Founder Mr. Zeng began his career as an engineer at a paper fan factory, where he made a significant impact by inventing a pleating machine specifically designed for paper fans. This innovative machine was capable of meeting the demand of the entire Chinese market, revolutionizing the production process in the industry.

In 1990, leveraging his engineering expertise and entrepreneurial spirit, Mr. Zeng founded Hangzhou Filter Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd (HZFT). Under his leadership, the company has grown and evolved significantly over the past three decades. Through dedication to quality and continuous improvement, HZFT has become a prominent name in the manufacturing sector.

After more than 30 years of relentless development and expansion, HZFT achieved a significant milestone in 2023 by establishing its own factory building. This new facility marks a testament to the company’s sustained growth and commitment to excellence in manufacturing.

Our Advantages

Technical Expertise

Leveraging over twenty years of experience to lead in filter pleating machinery innovation.

Quality Assurance

Products meet high standards with CE certification, ensuring reliability and performance.

Innovative Spirit

Continuously improves and develops new products to enhance user experience and efficiency.

Our Footprint All Over the World

Our global reach allows us to foster strong partnerships and adapt our technology to local industrial trends and requirements, ensuring relevance and effectiveness wherever we operate.

We invite businesses around the world to discover how our advanced pleating machines can enhance their production capabilities. Let’s drive the future of industry together.