Rotary Pleating Machine

Designed to handle multiple types of filter media, our Rotary Pleating Machine ensures consistent pleat geometry and spacing, critical for achieving optimal filter performance. Its high-speed capabilities enable large-scale production without sacrificing quality, making it perfect for businesses looking to enhance throughput and reduce operational costs.

Rotary Filter Production Line

Paper Rack: This rack holds rolls of paper and is part of the production line. It has an inflatable shaft to ensure smooth paper feeding and prevent shifting.

Paper Media Humidifier: This device moistens the paper media before marking to soften it.

Paper Media Heating Device: The temperature of this device can be controlled with an air cylinder.

Roller Pleating Device: This includes a roller marking device, a synchronous rolling device, and a gear-type collecting device. All parts are PLC-controlled and synchronized by a servo motor. Filter settings can be easily adjusted via a touchscreen.

Conveying Device: This is a belt conveyor that automatically adjusts its speed to match the main machine’s speed.

Square Filter Rotary Pleating Production Line

ZDFG-350 square filter production line consists of a paper rack, media humidifier, roller pleating device, gluing device, back heating device and conveying device. The whole production line is controlled by PLC and the touch screen is easy to operate. It can ensure the high working speed. It’s the preferred choice for filter manufacturers for mass production.

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