Water Filter Pleating Machine

ZDE55-600 Pleating Machine for Water Filter Protection Filter

ZDE automatic pleating machine consists of five-layer paper rack and pleating device. It has a frame of aluminum alloy and is connected by stainless steel. The PLC and touch screen make it easy to operate. The automatic adjustment of height makes it the preferred choice of many filter manufacturers. The pleating is finished by the work of the upper and lower plates. The pleating height can be adjusted through the touch screen. The user can set different pleating heights. The pleats have precise sizes and smooth edges. It can finish the counting, pleating and heating processes automatically.


Technical Specification



Pleating Width

620 mm

Pleating Height Range

4-40 mm

Power of Motor

0.75 KW

Power of Heater

4 KW

Pleating Speed

150 pleats/min

Temperature Control Range

0-180 room degrees


The automatic paper feeding racks are equipped with inflatable shafts. Each shaft can automatically feed the media under the power of its motor. The automatic tension system in the front of the racks requires no man to watch it. Different diameters and weights of media can be fed at the equal intervals.

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